Saturday, October 27, 2012

Africa, the Tattoo on My Soul

Visiting Africa is like getting a tattoo, but instead of a permanent mark left in ink on your skin, Africa leaves an indelible impression on your soul. Just like people say of getting a tattoo, once you’ve done it, you instantly want more, the same is true of visits to Africa.  That is especially true of visits to some of the poorest villages there.  

This can be true of any developing area or exotic location, but Africa is The Motherland and one special place that captures my heart.  It is also where I have traveled several times and where dear friends of mine and I had a recent journey that inspired the ebook that will soon be released as a fundraiser for the villages we visited. 
I hope you stay tuned, find value in our lessons, and download the book to join us in making a difference in the world. More to come...


  1. Africa really is a special place. I think the work you are doing there is great. I don't think anyone can realize just how giving a little can change so many lives. I think it is something that needs to be ingrained in corporate structure because we tend to only focus on profits when there is more to life then money.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Hi Kat -

    You are so right about this notion of a tattoo...I lived in Africa for three years growing up. It indeed was a special place. For me your analogy of a tattoo extends to the act of giving truly is addictive, a neat paradox - the more we give the more we feel we are getting.

    Thank you for your talk at OPEN Atlanta yesterday. We were educated, inspired and moved.


  3. Hi Kat, I am also named Kat.

    Africa is an eye opening experience. I spent three weeks in Kenya just this past September in some very remote Masai villages. The kids with their tattered clothing and huge bright smiles broke my heart. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by my struggles, I think of the attitude they keep while facing the challenges of pure survival and am humbled. It is impossible to explain.

    I've just applied for an MBA program and hope to do larger good myself someday in the not too distant future. Thank you for being an inspiration.


  4. Thank you for these comments! xo

  5. this is heart touching tattoo design,,,,nicely made,,very nice

  6. Kat-

    At first I thought I had just stumbled on your website and this blog by chance and then realized it might have been for a reason. I am currently starting a project that I would hope allows me to work directly with people (kids) in Africa and would do anything to make it happen.

    So far we have a number of influential people on board but I am certain someone is your position could be the spark that we would need to ignite the movement we're trying to create.

    If possible, it would be great to share more about it with you and learn from your insight!

  7. I feel like I'm google stalking you Miss Kat!!
    Watching that show tonight was just the booster I needed. You seem like a truly amazing person, and I'm trying to glean what I can about you :) it's amazing just seeing someone's eyes through a television screen, the kindness of your heart touched and moved me. I've been stuck in a negative patch mentally, lately, and your genuine personality helped me have some hope.
    This particular blog caught my eye, cause one of my goals is to sometime volunteer in Africa or with the Missionaries of Charity in India or something! I have lived with a Sister from Tanzania and am living with a Sister from Uganda right now. I love hearing their stories. I work with young children now, and would love someday to make that journey :)) but I always love living it through someone else's journeys there!! And I can tell its not just a publicity stunt for you, it's a missionary heart.
    I look forward to learning more about you in my research and following what you do!!

  8. Hi, I for one am sick to death of western media always portraying the African continent in this way.. These are the only images people see and think that everyone in Africa is diseased and suffering from poverty. Just like any country, there is a gap between the rich & poor, it just so happens that the poorest in less developed countries suffer the most.Thank you!
    Africa Current Events

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