Saturday, October 27, 2012

Live a Wonderful Life

One way to live a wonderful life is to be passionate about something.
You can be most liked or loved when you are driven to joy by something that stirs your soul.  

Happiness that you display silently tells others that there's hope, that there's something more tomorrow than they see today, that things really are...good. And people rise to an occasion when they believe in tomorrow.

Seeing effort, energy and momentum from others is inspiring. It's a silent call to come along on the journey, to make the most of the time we have, to use our gifts to push our lives and our world forward.
When you are affected by the world around you and moved so deeply that you feel it in your soul, share it and let someone know. At that moment, you are a purpose-driven version of yourself.
And just when others have their toughest hour, that is when you should share your strength. Likewise, in your most difficult days, you will find comfort in the strength of others around you. We end up showing each other the way to a better moment, a better life.

Live, love, and do what you can to leave people, places and things, including yourself, better than you found them, better than they once were. Follow your heart and the things that move you, and help others do the same.  


  1. Thank you for sharing a core belief of mine! It affirms that I am on the right path!