Monday, September 23, 2013


I attended the funeral for a dear friend and longtime mentor today, the amazing, irreplaceable, Fritzi Woods. The number of lives she positively affected are too many to count. 

The depth of gratitude so many people have for her generosity, candor and friendship is awe-inspiring.  The closeness and strength of her family, friends and colleagues, as a result of all that she instilled in them, is nothing short of miraculous.

As people got up to speak about her last night and today, I couldn’t help but think about ripples.  Every day, we have the opportunity to create huge waves of good in the world – to create ripples that then cause other people to do the same.
In a documentary on entrepreneurs, Fritzi once described a world where she influences those around her to be self-sufficient, strong and entrepreneurial, and they then influence those around them…and so on.  Watching her children, nieces and nephews, it was apparent that this vision was not an aspiration, but it had happened.  But none of us needed to see that to believe in her view, because we had experienced it ourselves.  She made so many of us better. She made me better.
She often said, “go big or go home” and “aspire higher” and she constantly preached about the fact that “we all have choice – and that is powerful”.  Those are things you may have read or heard before, but when she said it, you knew she meant it – with a steely resolve, a huge heart and a supportive stance. 
The ripples of her love, her strength, her clarity of purpose and her brilliance will be felt for generations to come.  I am happy to have been one little dot, floating around, when her ripples came my way. I know I am not alone in feeling that way.
The world is fortunate to have had someone like her for even just a short time, and the world will be better for all those she impacted. What a reminder of how important it is to create great ripples: give of yourself, build meaningful relationships,  be there for others, and to find and follow your purpose.  
I love you Fritzi – as do so many others. You inspire us all to aspire higher.  We will all miss you terribly, but your light, drive and passion will live on in all of us. 
Rock on, sister.  

To help contniue Fritzi's legacy - you can make a contribution to the "Aspire Higher - Fritzi Woods - scholarship fund", which will help women get educational and professional development opportuinties.


  1. It was a moving "Celebration of Life" and Fritzi will live on in my heart. She had an uncanny gift of delivering honest, negative feedback with love and compassion. While we often differed in opinion at board meetings at PrimeSource, I feel the best decision I ever made as its private equity investor was recruiting her to lead this portfolio company.

    I enjoyed your presentation at the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit. But than again, like you, I am a bundle of contradictions so I understand belonging everywhere and belonging nowhere. I'm not sure how conscious you are currently but you're on the journey. Go well, Luke

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  3. This is a beautiful song to accompany your post Kat. RIP Fritzi...