Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Right Perspective Often Reveals Hidden Beauty

It’s amazing how things always have the possibility of being more beautiful and more special than what you initially realize.  Almost all people and places have special, positive qualities - and if you take the time to get to know them or look from a different perspective, you'll see them. 

I was walking in one of my favorite areas of Atlanta, The Atlanta Beltline, and in a stretch that to most people is not particularly appealing. I walked upon what looked to be a pile of garbage, off to the side, under the overpass.  Because it looked like trash, I typically would have walked right past it and not looked again, since I had viewed it on my approach for what I thought it was - a pile of trash. 

However, this pile of trash, as you walked to the point where you were right in front of it, had a picture frame standing, fixed into the ground.  It was a non-verbal message to “look through the frame”.  And what do you know…it was a pile of trash.  But a very beautiful pile of materials as art. 

I wrote a post on this blog about frames a while back, on how the frame or lens through which we see the world is something we can evolve and improve, thereby improving our “view” on things. Of course, I was writing metaphorically back then.  ….but this was a very literal example of that. 
This art installation is a reminder to give people, places and things a chance to reveal their value and beauty by being open to what they could be.

I am in awe of the artist who created this stunning work of art, and I hope it’s a reminder to all who experience it that things are not always just what they seem at first glance.  



  1. I know this doesn't pertain to your blog entry, but here it goes:

    My husband and I just watched you on Undercover Boss. We have watched many of the episodes and never have I cried during one, until watching yours. You are kind and very motivational. I loved watching the episode! All of your/Cinnabon's employees should be proud to work with you. Great leadership and keep up the good work!

  2. Jennifer DonnaySeptember 20, 2013

    Kat, I can see meaning of this picture.. Its about how the world views things based on what they choose to see about things and people. NOt judging a book by its cover. I took a english clas in colleg and we read a book which had a bunch of mexican short stories in it. and one was "the man in the sewer".. a man who lived in the sewer..and there was a reporter who kept following him around.. wanting to know about his life. asking him how he lived in the sewer and that he didnt have any legs.. but yet as he kept following him around, he began to see how brave he was,and his outlook on life.. I also watched a video on TED Talks called "the danger of a single story" it is a speech by a african american woman who is from Nigeria.. and she talks about how people judged her by where she was from, and how they had these misconceptions about her. Its really good.. thank you for this blog..

  3. Sometimes, all its takes is a change of perspective, and to see things from a different angle. The impact on being able to so, not only in our personal life, but in our capacity as leaders within our respective organizations, team members, and fellow professionals, will be massive. Thanks for sharing Kat.